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ROPESAIL Yacht Charter
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October 17-20th 2013
Notice of Race

1. Organising Authority

1.1 The 1st Bodrum International Women’s cup is organized by Bodrum Offshore Sailing Club in association with Turkish Sailing Federation and Muğla Province Sailing Representation to take place in Bodrum bays and surrounding waters.  

2.1 International Sailing Federation (ISAF), Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013 – 2016                                                                                                                                                        
2.2 ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) 2013 category 4.

2.3 IRC rules 2013, Part A, B, C and annexes.

2.4 ISAF Regulation 20 (Advertising Code).

2.5 Turkey Sailing Federation instructions do not apply.               

2.6 The areas where the State have a right to pass within the hours of sunrise and sunset, the international provisions to prevent collisions at sea apply instead of provisions of RRS Part 2.                                    .

2.7 In such situations, The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) will be applied. Announcement of the Race, the Racing Instructions and If any Additional Racing Instructions.

2.8 If there is a dispute among the announcement of the racing, the racing instructions or the additional racing instructions, the objection committee will find a fair solution before opening a hearing. In addition, in the event of conflict among the written instructions above the latest announcement will be valid.
2.9 Should there be a conflict in the translation or the publication of the race or the race instructions the original text in English shall prevail. 

3. Qualification and Enrolment

3.1 The Races are open for full length boats between 6m and 27m which have got inboard or outboard dinghy with IRC dimension certificate current for 2013.
3.2 The boats will be grouped according to the values of rating during the regatta, group ranges will be announced after the end of enrollment.                         .                    

3.3 All racers shall comply with 19 qualifications of ISAF regulation.
3.4 A team of three will be present on the boats during all races.                                         

3.5 All of the teams will be women on the boats without exception at all times during the races.

3.6 The enrollment will be closed on October 17, 2013 at 15:00                           .

3.7 The enrollment fees are 275TL per boat. Fees must be paid to the following account on October 17, till 15:00 o'clock. Any enrollment after the deadline October 17 from 15:00 will be considered as late registration. An additional payment of 50TL will be charged.

3.8 All racers in the boats have to have a valid sportsman license with a current 2013 visa. The racers without a current license will be dropped out by interim sportsman license secretariat of B.A.Y.K. and such racer enrolment will not be admitted. Interim sportsman license cost is 15TL for the year 2013. 

3.9 For enrollment fees:

Garanti  Bank
Branch: Bodrum
Branch No: 309
Acc. No: 9054983
IBAN no. TR 44 0006 2000  3090 0009 0549 83

3.10 During enrollment, a fully completed the registration form, a valid measurement record of the boat, a bank receipt of the payment made, and a declaration form stating the media rights can be used by the authority of organization will be given to the race admission.                           

4. Announcement of the Race                                   .  

4.1 Detailed information on the race will be published at before the racing.

4.2 The announcements will be made at BAYK office bulletin boards during the races. This will be considered as an official announcement and the following of it will be the racers own responsibility.

4.3 The race admission is located at Bodrum Milta Marina BAYK (Bodrum Offshore Sailing Club) office.

5. Racing Instructions

5.1 The racing Instructions will be handed out for each boat during admission.

6. Race Schedule

The race will be held as below. The details will be given along with the race instructions.








6.2 No start will be made after 14:00 o’clock on the final day of the races.

7. Routes

7.1 The details of the routes will be given along with the race instructions. The time and distance information given on the route cards are for reference purposes only. This information does not mean time and distance limitation. If the routes taken should be longer or shorter than specified on the route cards, a correction demand cannot be made.The race committee will announce the routes to be taken on the official bulletin board.
7.2 4 buoy races and 1 offshore race are among the races planned.

8. International Jury

8.1 An international jury will be present during the races as in the additional article. According to the policy number 70.5, the decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

9. Scorring

9.1 RRS additional article-A4 scoring system will be used.

10. Mesurements and Inspection

10.1 Each boat must have a valid IRC certification for the year 2013.
10.2 The boat measurements, making a correct statement during the admission, keeping the boat according to its certification are the boat owner’s responsibility.
10.3 The boats maybe a subject to inspection if requested by the head of race committee or a person assigned before or after the race without any objection.

11. Advertisement and Media

11.1 The boats have to put on the advertisement material provided by the Organization Authorities. The information on application will be posted on the official bulletin board a day before the race.
11.2 All racers, boat owners or representatives agree to permit the pictures and video taken during the races to be used at all times for all kinds of media publicity, news and add purposes upon admission.

12. Mooring

The boats can be moored or towed from 17 October 2013 12:00 o’clock to 21 October 2013 12:00 o’clock at Bodrum Milta Marina free of charge.

13. Towing, Plastic Pools and Diving Equipment

13.1 All racing boats should be ready in the sea from 8:00 o’clock until the objection period end time at the day of the race unless they have a written permission by the race committee or the objection committee.
13.2 Diving equipment, plastic pools etc. must not be used near/on the racing boats without the written permission of the race committee or the objection committee  from 8:00 o’clock until the objection period end time
14. Radio Communication

14.1 All boats must have a sea radio which can transmit channel 16 and 72 VHF. The radio   must be switched on during the races.
14.2 To help guide the races or receive information by the wireless communication is not permitted.
14.3 The boats are not permitted to use the radio line for private purposes or tune in to radio communication of the other boats. All boats must stay over VHF channel 72.
The Race committee may place a penalty if there is a private communication through this channel not concerning the race or the safety of any of the boats.

15. Prize

2013 Bodrum International Women’s Cup
Each subgroup classification the top 3
General Classification the top 3
2013 Bodrum International Women’s Cup championship.

16. Accountability

16.1 Bodrum Offshore Sail Club, Milta Marina Representatives, sponsors, the race and objection committees, referees and volunteers may not be held accountable for the losses, damages, injuries or death during the races or the activities regarding the race, any injuries should happen to the boats, skippers, the racers, directly or indirectly to the teams based on the race instructions, race routes before or after the games.
a) The teams are responsible for their boats safe navigation and endurance (including the insurance). It is the team’s responsibility to decide whether it is safe to sail or stop at any time. All racers agree to these conditions upon their enrollment (See ISAF RRS section 4).
b)The race will be administrated based on Sec.2, the penalty given based on these rules, any action and bringing to a legal trial is bided by the rules above. Any decision made based on these rules cannot be appealed any court whether it is foreseen or not in this agreement. ( SEE ISAF RRS Section 3.c)
The boat owners have to call the team’s attention on these responsibilities before setting out and the start off the race.
ALL boat owners and/or people in charge agree the terms and conditions of this race upon signing up.

17. Insurance

17.1 Each boat is insured for a minimum 1 million €, a third party indemnity insurance.

18. Accomodation and Transfers

For hotel reservations, travel and transfer information please contat the agency below;

Agency Name:
Contact person:
Web Address:

19. Other Points

Please contact Rope Sail Office for more information.
Tel: +90 252 319 1120
Fax: +90 252 313 1113
Mobile: +90 530 834 7549

May,01st  2013