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ROPESAIL Yacht Charter
Call: +90 530 460 22 82
About Gulet Charter

Do you like wind blowing in your face while standing on the deck of a boat or the smell of the sea and waking up to a different scenery every day and all the freedom that sailing offers?

Do you enjoy delicious meals accompanied by an excellent service onboard of a yacht filled with comfort?

Then you should definitely try a “Blue Cruise” vacation in Turkey with a traditional “Gulet” Boat! It is a unique experience of a lifetime.

Maximum pleasure is guaranteed on a “Gulet” with professional service and comfortable accomodation options. 
Blue Cruise” vacations in the west or south-west coasts of Turkey (embarking from GökovaDatçaMarmaris,GöcekKaşKalkan and all the way to Antalya) can be organized throughout the year.  

Ropesail is specialized in renting gulets and yachts on a weekly basis (starting and ending on Saturdays).

As Ropesail family, it is most important to us that, our customers have all the services they may need thourgout their sailing journey to enjoy a tailor made gulet charter vacation.

Why Cruise in Turkey?

Here are 3 simple reasons:

1.  When talking about Blue cruises in Turkey here are some facts; more than 500 gulet type vessels from Standart to Superior De Lux Categories to choose from, great Turkish food and hospitality, lots of different itinerary possibilities, including visiting Greek Islands.

2. Gulets are lots of fun. The crew takes care of all your wishes. Captain sails you around. Chef will cook and waiter will serve the food. And Turkey offers so much more than just incredible bays, clean and safe sea and lots of places to party. 

3. In Turkey’s south-western coast you can find some of the finest ancient Greek and Roman cities in the World. Blessed with long summer days of endless sunshine, there are enormous opportunities for exploring historical sites, natural wonders and charming Turkish towns and villages. Turkey is one of the most majestic destinations for gulet cruising. 

Turkey has a lot to offer.

Some of the Highlights of Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise in Turkey

Its known as Turquise Turkey for a reason. Turkey has one of the most impressive coastlines and beaches and experiencing it afloat a gulet it becomes even more amazing. Imagine anchoring a gulet in front of amazing beach and jumping directly into clean turquoise sea where you can spot every single stone even if water is 20 meters deep.

The most popular Blue Cruise towns in Turkey.


Bodrum is already called eastern St. Tropez and is attracting heavy crowds of people from all over the World. Archeology trips, picturesque bazars – heaven for shopping, attractive night life are just some of the highlightsTurkey cities have to offer. Beside Bodrum also MarmarisFethiyeGocek, Antalya are very attractive cities to visit.


Turkey's Natural pearl. There are just too many interesting places to visit in Turkey to mention them all. Nature in Fethiye is still unspoiled, clean and not too crowded. The choice of incredible bays, where you can spend the night on gulets sleeping outside on deck, under millions of stars is immense.

Private Charter Cruises

In this option the boats are reserved privately by individuals, small or big groups. So, no other participants will join this cruise other then determined by the people who reserves the boat. The clients will have the flexibility about the cruise period and route, as long as it is applicable in practice.

Destination and Route

First of all, we need to know the departure and arrival points. When you decide about the cruise route we highly recommend you to consider our regular cruise routes, because they have been scheduled considering maximum
cruising durations, weather conditions, the distances between harbors/bays from each other where the boats can anchor or stay overnight etc. Although the routes can be customized in private charter boat reservations, it should not be beyond human control. As long as initial departure and arrival locations and general routes are clear, the captains will be flexible during the cruise as much as possible. During private charter cruises the boat can anchor at 2-3 bays in a day if you wish.

But, there will be maximum 4 hours cruising per day. Last stop will be the place you will stay overnight. You must also remember that the boats are mostly based in certain harbors (mainly BodrumMarmarisFethiye andGöcek) so; the boat will be selected depending on initial departure place or from the nearest one.  

The magnificent coastline that goes back in history to the Karians, Dorians and Lycians, is over 700 miles. Starting with the ancient town of Halicarnassus, today's Bodrum, the coastline offers a number of bays and historical sites like Cleopatra Island, English Harbor and Dorian city of Knidos (for which Praxiteles created his masterpiece, the Aphrodite statue). Many yachtsmen, delighted by the gentle, regular meltemi breeze, sail further south and reachMarmaris town, the so called "pearl" of the Turkish coastline.

The picturesque coastline stretches further south to reach the Gulf of Fethiye. Located in mid-way betweenFethiye and Marmaris are the amazing Kaunos City and the turtle beach of Dalyan. Once in the Gulf of Fethiyeyou will find a hiding place just for yourself in one of the countless bays, as once did Cleopatra and Antonious. The charming towns of Göcek and Fethiye, and the famous tomb of Amyntas serve as the sign of things to come on your south-east course. An ancient Lycian port and Byzantine settlement called the Gemiler Island and the old Greek ghost town of Kayaköy will be on your port side while sailing from Fethiye to the well known Blue Lagoon(Ölü Deniz). From there on, the typical coastal towns Kalkan and Kaş will be offering many treasures of history and nature. Other ancient Lycian cities are LetoonXanthos, Pınara and Patara. You will find Kekova, another important Lycian territory, on your way from Kaş to Finike, the leading citrus producers of Turkey. Here, in an area of 6 miles radius, you can visit ancient cities like Aperlae, Simena and Myra; you can take a look at St. Nicholas Church at Demre or you may simply choose to relax in one of the secluded bays of Kekova.

How do we arrange Excursions?

Just tell us what you would like to do and where you would like to go & we will put you in touch with the right people, we will even arrange
it on your behalf if you wish. Some of the antique cities worth visiting are Ephesus and Pamukkale, Myra, Arykanda, Batik Hamam, Kekova, Simena Castle, Dalyan and Caunos, Termessos, Ölü Deniz...the list is endless.

Cruise Period

First of all, the recommended cruise period is between May-September. It is also possible in April and October but the weather will not be hot enough for a typical cruise.

We would also like to know the date you want to book a cruise as specific as possible. The boats may have been already booked in different periods and it is hard to change reserved dates after bookings are completed. The price of the same boats will be different on different period of the season. The prices are highest in peak season (July and August) and Saturday to Saturday cruises are usually priced better.


The pricing of the private charter boat reservation is: per boat- not per person/per cabin, but naturally the price depends on the size and capacity of the boat. In other words, if you book a boat of 10-15 person capacity, the total price will be same even if you are 5 people. But some boat may have more cabins and can be cheaper than a smaller boat. This
depends on the quality / category of the boat as well. Already note that even in the case of private charter bookings, Saturday to Saturday bookings are always priced better by the boat owners. Especially in peak season, weekly prices are charged even if the booking is less than 7 nights.

We would also like to know the quality of the boat you would prefer, which is another major criteria for pricing. The boats are roughly classified as standard, superior, high-class, luxury and deluxe in terms of quality (though in some cases the difference may be hard to notice). 

How do you spend Time?

During the day, you cruise (and sail) for few hours, approach land and drop anchor in a solitary bay, alongside a small village or off an island for lunch/ dinner. At every stop, (there will be at least two per day), there is the opportunity to swim, fish, snorkel, windsurf, sunbathe, take a trip ashore or just read under the shade of the awning.

The accent is on relaxation and recreation.
Your friendly attentive crew; Captain + Cook and Sailor will make sure that you are comfortable, well fed and entertained.


Provided they are accompanied by adults, children of any age are welcome to come along and will positively thrive in the warm waters of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean.


The most common gulets have 4 to 8 double/triple cabins and can accommodate from 8 to 18 passengers. All cabins have either a double berth, or a double berth lower and a single upper (bunk-berths).

Every cabin has a wardrobe for hanging clothes and a number of drawers. All cabins have their own ensuite bathroom with toilet facilities and a pull-out shower hose attached at the basin. Cabin types differs as master, vip, double (French bed) and twin bed.

Food and Service

Unless otherwise arranged beforehand, a typical Turkish menu will be served daily. Breakfasts are a delight with mainly 2 types of cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, salami, eggs, jam, honey, butter, and fresh bread. Lunches are usually a light, cooked vegetable dish served with rice or pasta or bulgur wheat and large salads, followed by fresh fruit. The evening meal is either chicken, meat or fish, two or three meze (starters), salads and a rice, pasta or bulgur wheat dish, once again followed by fresh seasonal fruit. The menus are fixed; however, the cook will endeavor to meet special requests or dietary needs.

Meals are also charged additionally. Standard meals cost (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are about 35-60 Euro, deluxe meals are about 60 - 90 Euro per person/per day. Drinks are sold on the boats Bar by the staff. If you want to bring your own meals and drinks, you may need to pay a service charge, which also differs from boat to boat.

Unless stated otherwise; prices include harbor taxes, mooring expenses, crew service, ship water, fuel, benzene, bed linen equipments, towels, transit log, official permissions, yacht insurance (we advise you to have your own personal travel insurance and cancellation insurance ).


Complete safety equipment.
Fishing and snorkeling gear, windsurf, full sail inventory,
Barbeque, deep freeze, refrigerator,
Music library (CD player – MP3) ,VHF
Bed linen and towels for use in the cabins together with a bottom sheet and a piqué (thick cotton over-sheet) during the spring and autumn months (under our provision).

Hygiene and safety are our primary concern.

Air Conditioning

Mostly luxury boats do have A/C. On a boat, A/C can only run when generator is on, or in a harbor when connected to 220 Volt. But mainly you are in anchor bays, often next to a neighbor who doesn't like the noise of your generator and you wouldn't like it either during the night for example. So, most of the boats have come to a gentleman’s agreement not to disturb each other. A/C will be used on the most of the boats 2-3 hours in the morning or at night from 20 to 24 hours to cool down the cabins during the hot months.

What to Pack?

Our guests are notified that they will be spending most of their time in a bathing suit. For land trips, a pair of long, light trousers and a shirt is advisable. Evenings may be cool, certainly during the earlier and later months of the year, so it would be wise to bring a pullover and a windbreaker.

We also suggest you pack in your beach towel and plenty of sun cream.

We suggest you bring your belongings in a collapsible bag, rather than a suitcase, as bags are much easier to stow away, and also serve to limit how much you pack! You may like to bring a light day pack for excursions ashore. Normal street shoes are definitely not acceptable on board of a yacht... We suggest you to bring soft-soled shoes for getting around on deck.

Can I bring my own Equipment?

Certainly! It is actually advisable to bring your own snorkel. There are usually masks on board; however, you can never be sure how many people have used the snorkel before you. Scuba diving equipment is not advisable unless you have booked a scuba holiday. There are areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean where scuba is prohibited.

Will my hairdryer / electric shaver work on the boat?
The boats have a 220V electric system. Plugs are European style round pin. Buy an adapter and transformer before arrival. Deluxe boats
generally have a hairdryer as standard. Please note, it is also possible to charge mobile phone batteries.

Money Exchange

It's best to wait until you arrive to change into local currency. In Turkey, US dollars, Euros and travelers checks are easily changed in to
Turkish Liras everywhere, although you can save a bit of money by changing your cash at currency exchange offices. The *Döviz* offices obtain an excellent rate of exchange. 


Turkey is on the world wide digital telephone network. International GSM and cellular mobile telephones are also in operation.

Seasickness is caused when the minute inner ear organs that enable a human to balance are disturbed by the motion of the boat swaying and pitching. This movement sets off alarm signals to the brain causing nausea, headache, dizziness, and sometimes vomiting. This condition can be intensified by the lack of fresh air and inactivity. It can also be a person's worst nightmare at sea.

Seasickness affects many people to varying degrees - even sailors with years of experience. Looking on the bright side, the body adapts after time.

Fortunately, several remedies can be taken before setting sail. Pills can be obtained over the counter which helps most people by sedating the balancing organs. The pills can cause drowsiness and should be taken with care.
Some people find special wrist bands effective. There are also stick-on patches that can be worn on the skin behind the ear, but these are obtained by doctor's prescription only.

You can often avoid seasickness by staying busy and keeping your mind occupied by taking over the helm or any other activity that will keep you
above decks. Look at the distant horizon rather than the water close at hand. Take deep breaths and drink plenty of water. The worst thing that a person can do is go below decks with no land or horizon to look at. Reading or staring at an object will assuredly bring on the affects of seasickness.

If you are seasick and can't bear it anymore, lie down on your back with your eyes closed. This will greatly reduce the affects.

Water Sports

What ‘toys’ are provided on the gulet? Is there anywhere to snorkel? The gulet comes equipped with a windsurfer, a kayak, and a small selection of flippers, masks, and snorkels. The snorkeling equipment comes in a range of sizes from children to adults. If you do have your own flippers and snorkeling equipment we do recommend bringing them so that you know that they fit and also that you don’t have to wait for someone else to finish using a set. There are many wonderful coves and bays along the Turkish and Greek coast which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

Bed Linens and Towels

Are towels and bed linen provided on board?
All bed linens are provided on the gulet. Depending on the temperature and individual preference there is a choice of blankets and duvets to keep you warm
at night. Each guest has two towels - one for the bathroom and one for swimming. All bed linen and towels are laundered once a week.

Power Supply on Board

Are there electrical outlets on the gulet, and what adaptors do we need?
Electricity aboard is 220V and requires two pin (round) plugs. There is a plug in each cabin, in the bathroom, so people can use hair driers/shavers etc. and of course you can charge up phones/camera batteries there. The electricity runs off the generator, so there are occasional periods in a day when the
electricity is not on, or is diverted to necessities - e.g. fridges, freezers etc. When we’re moored up in a designated harbor rather than out in a bay, we receive electricity directly from the mains.

Internet Availability

I need to check email occasionally during our gulet cruise. Is this at all possible?
When we’re in harbor, it’s perfectly feasible to pop into an internet cafe. They now exist in most harbor towns. If you’re bringing your own laptop, then WIFI is available in some cafes, bars, and harbors.


The gulets we use are carefully maintained throughout the year. In the winter, the boats spend several months in dry dock, being cared for. The boats have to be fully certified every year to meet with Turkish maritime safety standards and to have their insurance renewed. Needless to say, the captains and crews on board are all highly experienced.

Starting the Cruise

When you arrive at the nearest airport to your yacht, our staff can arrange for you to be met on arrival and escorted to your yacht. The level of formality between the crew and your party is entirely up to you, bearing in mind the need to work closely with your captain.

Before you arrive, your captain will have received an information sheet giving the names and the approximate ages of your party, when, where and
which flights you arrive on and also the details of any food, drink or special dietary requirements you may have, so that your yacht is fully stocked and can
commence your cruise at once.

When is the best Time to go?

Climate and Winds

In the South Aegean and the West Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, there is a climate with appx. 180 sunny days a year. The average yearly rainfall is 200 mm per sqm with a high of 870 mm in January and low of 2mm in July.

If you fancy exploring some of the world’s finest ancient wonders, spring or fall is the best time to go. April and early May sees Turkey decked out with a stunning display of wild flowers. From the beginning of May through the start of June the sea becomes swimmable before the summer heat scorches, while September through October is perfect for leisurely bathing. July and August remain to be the most popular months for the Blue Cruise, enabling those of us who await our kids’ school vacations.

Low Season (May and October)

Feel the strong Aegean winds and experience the Turkish coast like you’re a local. Enjoy the pristine waters and ancient ruins as the season unfolds. Days are warm and nights are cool.

Air temperature: 24-26C (74-80F)
Water temperature: 18-22C (65-72F)
Hours of sunshine per day: 9

Mid Season (June and September)

Excellent value! Enjoy the best of both worlds. Temperatures remain warm with few tourists. This is the ideal time to explore the Aegean.

Air temperature: 28-30C (82-86F)
Water temperature: 22-25C (72-77F)
Hours of sunshine per day: 11

High Season (July and August)

Bring family and friends together for an exceptional journey together along the Turkish coast. Bodrum is bustling with international visitors and lively energy. Temperatures are hot. Availability is limited, so book early!

Air temperature: 32-36C (90-98F)
Water temperature: 23-26C (75-80F)
Hours of sunshine per day: 12

For more information about our yachts and availability please visit our gulet charter page at