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ROPESAIL Yacht Charter
Call: +90 530 460 22 82

1. Charter Information

Of course, you can. A yachting vacation is generally cheaper than a 5 star hotel stay or an ocean cruise and without the entire crowd. For the price estimation of your desired vacation, please fill in our online form now and learn what this unique adventure with RopeSail will cost you.

The choice is up to you. At RopeSail your vacation is planned according to you and your choices. At RopeSail, we do offer Bareboat charting or all-included luxurious and crewed Gulet Yacht charting services. With how many people will you be travelling? How many couples will be in your group or do you need a single cabin for some of your guests? How much space do you require for your comfort zone? Whatever your requirements will be, at RopeSail we have a yacht for every need. You can choose from our fleet of Monohull and Catamaran type of boats ranging from 32 to 62 feet in length with cabin numbers varying between 2 to 5. To see a complete list of our boats, please visit our Yacht Page.

This depends on the availability of yachts suitable for pets. If you want to take your pets with you, please contact our trip advisors. How much should we tip our crew? Of course the quality of the service will determine the tip amount. Our advice is to tip around 3-5% of the total charting price for Crewed Yacht Services and only daily skipper cost for Bareboat Yachts.

Of course! With the facilities on board of each boat covering all ages, RopeSail offers an excellent vacation experience for the entire family. On our Crewed Gulet Yachts, a crew experienced in families with children will provide you with all the guidance in the use of kayaks and other water toys. Our chef will prepare the menus according to the wishes of both children and parents. On our Bareboat and Gulet Yacht packages there is an age restriction and are not advisable for families with small children. For more detailed information, please contact our trip advisors.

This depends on the availability of yachts suitable for pets. If you want to take your pets with you, please contact our trip advisor

Of course the quality of the service will determine the tip amount. Our advice is to tip around 3-5% of the total charting price for Crewed Yacht Services and only daily skipper cost for Bareboat Yachts.

What counts is simplicity. Loose-fitting trousers or summer dresses for the nights that you will be spending ashore, and comfortable and spacious beach wear for on board are highly recommended. We advise you to wear rubber-soled instead of hard-soled shoes on board of our yachts, so wear your boat or tennis shoes. You can also use water shoes whenever you want to go down the beach. Beside this, protection from the sun is very important. That is why we highly advise to take sun cream, wide-brimmed hats or sailing caps and loose-fitting cotton cover-ups with you. And a windbreaker for the cool and windy nights will be quite handy too.

2. Booking

You can arrange your charter online or by phone. If you choose to do it online, you can use website 24 hours a day and safely book your trip by choosing your arrival dates and your preferred yacht. If you want to do it by phone, you can contact our trip advisors. Our team will be ready to help you organize the perfect yachting vacation you are looking for. Our local working hours are as follows: Monday-Friday, 09:00 – 18:00; Saturday-Sunday, 09:00 - 13:00

As RopeSail, we accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal as a means of payment on our online bookings.

You need a passport for entrance to each country you will visit. For more detailed information on entrance requirements, please contact our trip advisors. You can also visit the “Travel Notes” section under the Destination Page or consult the consulate or embassy of the country you plan to visit.

Yes, our experienced trip advisors will take every required step to get you to your destination quickly and in time. RopeSail will also assist you with all of your travel arrangements including flight tickets, hotel reservations, taxi and ferry transfers, car rentals and land tours for the best available rates.

Yes. Since we work intensively with the airline companies, we can generally offer a more affordable price than usually offered to the public.

3. Yachts

Our yachts are categorized according to their ages and prices as follows: Exclusive Plus: Our Exclusive Plus yachts are yachts that are new or have joined our fleet not more than 6 months ago. Exclusive: Most of our Exclusive yachts are new yachts that have joined our fleet not more than 2 years ago. Club: Our Club yachts are yachts between the ages of 3 to 5 years that are very well-maintained.

Yes, you can. Being an ideal possibility for people who travel as couple or single, you can enjoy your trip on Luxurious Crewed Yachts for the price of just a single cabin.

To use on Bareboat and Gulet Yacht Charters you can buy a Wi-Fi internet package through our solution partner Turkcell. To find out what kind of amenities are present in your travel destination, please see the Internet Connection information under the General Information tab in the Travel Notes section of the Destination page.

4. Basic Information

All the information you need to plan your trip to the location where you make your booking is available under the Travel Notes tab of the Destination page. To find important information like airport arrivals, operational flight companies in the region, customs, airport transfers, taxis and ferries, visit our Arrival & Departure page. You can also contact our trip advisors to help you with your arrangements.

You can board on your yacht in one of RopeSail’s marinas or in one of the marinas we cooperate with in the location you have chosen. Our trip advisors will be happy to help you reach the marina. Crewed Yacht Charters: We pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your yacht or to the contracted hotel. At the end of your trip you will arrive back to the marina and we will bring you back to the airport. On some routes we will be transferring you from one location to another. If you are planning a one-way trip, please contact your trip advisor.

You can board on your yacht at the end of the charter briefing and boat orientation. (Charter briefings and boat orientations are listed under the Travel Notes tab of the Destination page and vary from location to location.) For most of the locations you can board on your yacht at 12 o’clock noon on the first day of your trip. Boarding time for the Mediterranean and Aegean charters is generally 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And the disembarkation time on the final day of the trip is 12 o’clock noon. If you are travelling in the Mediterranean or the Aegean region, please visit our Travel Notes section for the disembarkation times. If your flight arrives later in the day, you can make the necessary arrangements with our trip advisors for an evening start of your trip. To learn more about the embarkation/disembarkation times and other details about your chosen location, please visit our Travel Notes section.

Yes, RopeSail is known for excellence in informing its guests. Before the start of your trip, you will get a complete briefing covering all the locations you will visit and your questions involving navigation, anchorage locations, weather conditions, customs and other subjects will be answered. Following this briefing you will be given a detailed orientation tour covering the operating systems including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, head, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems on board of the yacht you will be sailing in. The starting times of the charter briefings and boat orientations are listed under the Travel Notes section and do vary per location.

Yes, depending on the arrival location you may need to pay for docking or mooring for the night. Docking and mooring costs vary greatly from location to location. Relevant information can be found on the Travel Notes section of the location you have chosen, but it is better to contact your assigned trip advisor before the start of your journey about the prices in your chosen location.

This depends on your mobile career and your destination. You can also rent a phone to use on your charter with numbers pre-defined by you beforehand. Or you can arrange an international calling plan with your existing service provider to be able to call on international waters without extra roaming costs. But if you are travelling far out on sea, you naturally won’t have any reception on your phone. All our yachts have VHF radio capabilities that take care for continuous communication with the mainland throughout the entire journey.

All our boats are equipped with VHF (ship-to-shore) radio equipment, so the main marina will be able to contact you throughout your entire journey. Make sure though that you give the contact information of the main marina to your people at home, so they can reach you easily through our main marina in case of emergency.

Yes there is. It is quite rare to have cancellations and delays because of the weather conditions. Nevertheless, we will be handing you a policy together with your travel forms following your booking. Although we have an inclement weather policy, when booking your charter we want to advise you to have a look at our comprehensive Charter Care Protection Plan, which ensures you appropriate handling of any unseen circumstances resulting in delays or cancellations, weather related or not.

5. Activities, Options and Extras

BareboatCatamaran or Gulet Yacht Vacations: We provide an examplary itinerary for the corresponding location on our Destination page showing the best anchorage points, bays, islands, harbours and marinas. You can also obtain a cruising guide to learn more about the location you will be sailing before you leave or you can consult your trip advisor to plan your itinerary. Crewed Yacht Vacations: This is what makes a crewed yacht experience something special. When you board on your yacht, your captain will plan an itinerary according to your wishes or you could of course let the planning entirely up to your experienced captain. Depending on weather conditions, this flexibility offers the possibility to change your itinerary any time when you want to spend more or less time at a certain location. This option is truly a special yacht experience at your command.

When you book online or by phone, you can indicate beforehand what kind of activities or sports you would like to do while on board.

Yes, you can. Our foods and beverages will be prepared according to the requests of our guests. You can make a shopping list for what you need throughout the entire journey and hand it over to us before your departure. If you request other items than what is available on the order forms or the online list, OR if you have a special diet requirement, please contact your trip advisor. They will be more than happy to help you with that. Crewed Yacht Charters: Prior to your charter, you will be given some preference forms. Dinners will be planned according to your preferences. Our chefs can also prepare food according to your special dietary needs (no salt, low-fat, gluten-free etc.) and they may contact you before your departure to make the necessary arrangements. Also the beverages you requested will be stocked in plenty.